Palaeocritti's reading recommendations.

Books on Evolution:

Why Evolution is true, by Jerry A. Coyne:

The Greatest Show on Earth, by Richard Dawkins:

Evolution, by Donald R. Prothero:

Tetrapod Zoology, Book One, by Darren Naish:
Books on Fossil field guides (locations):
Fossils of the Whitby Coast: A Photographic Guide by Dean R. Lomax:

Books on Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals:
National Geographic Dinosaurs, by Paul Barrett:

The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs, by Gregory S. Paul

National Geographic Prehistoric Mammals, by Alan Turner:

Books for kids and young adults:

Evolution, by Linda Gamlin:

First Dinosaur Encyclopedia, DK Publishing:

Big Book of Dinosaurs, DK Publishing:

National Geographic Kids Ultimate dinopedia, by Don Lessem: