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Phthinosuchus discors

Based on a poorly preserved partial skull, Phthinosuchus is a poorly known basal therapsid from the Middle Permian of Russia.


Phthinosuchus discors


Efremov, 1954

Meaning of the generic name

Declining crocodile


Skull length: 20 cm, Length: ?1.5 m


Holotype (PIN 1954/3): partial skull and associated lower jaw.
Referred materials: PIN 296/1 (partial skull, holotype of Dinosaurus murchisoni)

Age and Distribution

Horizon: Middle Permian, Early Tatarian (~early Capitanian).
Type locality: Copper Sandstones, Demsky Mines, Bashkiry, Western Cisuraly, Bashkortostan Rep., Russia .


Synapsida Therapsida Biarmosuchia Phthinosuchidae

   Further Reading

  Efremov, I. A. 1954. The fauna of terrestrial vertebrates in the Permian copper sandstones of western Cis-Urals: Transactions de Paleontologisches Institute l’Academie de l’Union des Republiques Sovietiques Socialistes, v. 54, 416 pp.

  Synonyms Rhopalodon murchisoni Pand, 1898; Dinosaurus murchisoni Fischer, 1847; Rhopalodon fischeri Watson, 1921

Life reconstruction of Phthinosuchus discors (© D. Bogdanov)

Line drawing of the holotype skull of P. discors. After Efremov, 1954.