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Keratocephalus moloch

Keratocephalus was a moderately sized (3 m) Tapinocephalian therapsid that lived during the middle Permian Period; its remains were discovered in the town of Beaufort West, South Africa. Keratocephalus is characterized by a horn on the head between the eyes; it had a large skull that was 50 cm in length.


Keratocephalus moloch


von Huene, 1931

Meaning of the generic name

Horned head


Skull length: , Length: 2.5-3  m


Several skulls and postcranial remains.

Age and Distribution

Horizon: Lower and Middle Tapinocephalus assemblage zone, Lower Beaufort beds, Middle Permian (Capitanian).
Type locality:
Beaufort West, Karoo basin, South Africa.


Synapsida Therapsida Dinocephalia Tapinocephalia Tapinocephalidae

  Further Reading

  Huene, F. von., 1931. Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Fauna der sudafrikanischen Karrooformation: Geologische und Palaeontologische Abhandlungen, v. 18, p. 159-227.


  Pelosuchus priscus Broom, 1905

Life reconstruction of Keratocephalus moloch (© D. Bogdanov)