Dean Lomax


Dean Lomax is a young palaeontologist from Doncaster, England. Dean has worked on palaeontological projects in Europe and the USA. He researches fossils and publishes books, articles and peer reviewed scientific papers. He is currently assistant curator of palaeontology at Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery and a Visiting Scientist at the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, The University of Manchester.

He works on a variety of projects, including research, lectures, the assessment of palaeontology collections, leading field trips and is a consultant for the BBC Natural History Unit.

A new book due out early 2014 is Dinosaurs of the British Isles, by Dean Lomax and Nobumichi Tamura, the creators of Palaeocritti. Watch this space!

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Above: Dean Lomax conducting research at the Yorkshire Museum, York. Picture: 2011.